Retail Lighting

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retail lighting

Ideal lighting in retail stores enhance your store’s atmosphere and may even help boost sales. It all depends on how you set up your lighting fixtures and what type of lighting you use to highlight your merchandise.

There are three basic types of retail lighting:

1. The first one is basic retail lighting, or the lighting you would often see in supermarkets, department stores, etc.
2. The second type of lighting is the intermediate retail lighting. This is what you would see in clothing boutiques, furniture shops and  beauty bars.
3. The third type of lighting is high-end retail lighting. The latter type is more appropriate for high-end retail shops like jewellery and high end fashion shops.

If you would like advice on what type of lighting is best for your business, we’ll be glad to offer ‘enlightening’ solutions. Simply contact us via our contact form or call us at 1300 144 477.

Once you’ve created your ambiance and you are trading the need for maintenance will arise. Servicing a number of major retailers, Switched On Lighting and Electrical has the experience and competitive edge you need to ensure your business gets only the best.


Why Choose Switched On Lighting and Electrical?

Switched On Lighting and Electrical is a maintenance company offering customers high-quality, cost-effective lighting products and services that can enhance environments and lower your business operational costs.

With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, including no cost replacement guarantee, we offer competitive prices and comprehensive service.

Proper lighting improves energy efficiency, which can save you money. High quality, cost-effective lighting products and services are a prudent investment that will upgrade and renew your store or office inside and out.

Our quality products and No Call-Out Fee and FREE installation service will not only lower your lighting maintenance costs, it will also increase sales and productivity, customer traffic, advertising awareness and promotional effectiveness.

With agents throughout NSW, ACT and QLD we are able to offer prompt and reliable service and tailor-made solutions to your lighting and electrical needs.


What we offer you

  • FREE installation of light globes and fluorescent tubes when supplied by us
  • Regular electrical and lighting maintenance
  • Prompt and efficient service with no call out fees
  • Set fees – No expensive hourly rates
  • High quality products with 100% replacement guarantee
  • FREE cleaning of light fittings and glass lenses when lights supplied by us
  • FREE professional advice to save you money on your lighting bill

Arrange an obligation free appointment today to find out how to increase your productivity, lower your energy consumption and save money