Energy_Efficient_Lighting_Upgrade_1 Lighting Upgrade - Do you want to save on energy and pay nothing upfront? Save over 65% in energy costs when you convert your inefficient high bays to our high output 135w(160lm/w) LED high bays with no upfront costs. There are many reasons why a business may need to consider upgrading their lighting. Budget blowouts in maintenance Safety […]
induction lamp Induction lamps - Switched On Lighting and Electrical Induction high bay lamps brightens up factories, warehouses and manufacturing areas with high ceilings. They provide terrific visibility for working conditions. Our induction high bay lighting solutions are versatile, able to be hung from chains or mounted onto structural beams and ceilings. Adapting to different working environments to offer the […]
brand new interior of cloth store Retail Lighting - Ideal lighting in retail stores enhance your store’s atmosphere and may even help boost sales. It all depends on how you set up your lighting fixtures and what type of lighting you use to highlight your merchandise. There are three basic types of retail lighting: 1. The first one is basic retail lighting, or the […]
Modern dining room Residential Lighting System - Good lighting is just as important as any aspect of your residential interior. You may have the best furniture, perfect wall colour, and beautiful room accessories, but if the lighting isn’t right, then furniture and fixtures look drab and the overall atmosphere can be gloomy. Did you know there is more to lighting than just […]
led downlights LED Downlights -   LED downlights have become increasingly popular to modernise homes. It’s no wonder considering the benefits. Replacing your low voltage downlights will give your home an instant “lift”. Reduce your power consumption and you get the added benefit of a 50,000-hour life span. That’s more than 15 years for an average home. Your days of […]