Lighting Upgrade

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LEDs Benefits

Do you want to save on energy and pay nothing upfront?

Save over 65% in energy costs when you convert your inefficient high bays to our high output 135w(160lm/w) LED high bays with no upfront costs.

There are many reasons why a business may need to consider upgrading their lighting.

  • Budget blowouts in maintenance
  • Safety considerations

What are the Benefits of LEDs?

If you find your business is spending too much on lighting maintenance and your premises are dark and gloomy it may be time to consider upgrading your lighting.

Lighting has come a long way in the last few years , there is no need to pay thousands for quality high bays anymore.

Advancement in technology means that LED lighting prices have significantly dropped whilst quality and performance has dramatically improved.

We  also make it easy to generate your Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) – We’ll do the work for you and you’ll get all of the benefits.

Suddenly a 3 year return on investment is highly achievable.

We’ve put together an exceptional lighting-upgrade package.

First-rate Product – You get high powered LED High bays with 160lm per watt which means almost double the lighting of many high bays on the market. Yet using only a fraction of energy. You will save even more on your energy bill without compromising on lighting levels.

No upfront costs. You may qualify to get independently managed finance. The process is transparent and there are no hidden fees or charges.

More money in your pocket EVERY month.

Your energy savings could be greater than the monthly finance repayments.

Contact us today, to find out if you qualify to receive a $200.00 Government Incentive for each Highbay installed

What are you waiting for?