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Emergency Escape Lighting and exit signs



As a business owner or manager it is your obligation to ensure that you comply with Emergency Inspection and maintenance as per Australian Standards. These Standards are critical in ensuring the safety of workers and visitors in the event of a fire or emergency.

The Australian Standards cover an array of regulations that must be adhered to. Switched On Lighting and Electrical specialises in helping businesses keep up with legal obligations and ensure the safety of occupants.

The Standard specifies requirements for the design and installation of emergency escape lighting and illuminated emergency exit signage systems for buildings.

  • A switch shall be provided to permit the operation of each emergency escape luminaire or exit sign to be checked by simulating a supply circuit failure.
  •  At any time during the life of an installation, the duration of satisfactory operation on emergency power of every emergency escape luminaire or exit sign shall be not less than 90min except where applicable building regulations specify a shorter minimum period. Therefore a 6 monthly Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit sign test must be conducted according to the Standards

These are just two of the regulations and compliance rules you need to follow.

By joining our maintenance scheme you join some of the biggest retailers in the country who choose Switched On Lighting and Electrical to provide them with not only their Emergency Escape Lighting testing but also give you peace of mind that regulations are adhered to and the safety of your staff and visitors is being looked after.

As a member of our maintenance scheme you will save hefty call out fees and reap the rewards of having experts in the field.

We take care of conducting the tests and sending out the Certificates when they are due, taking away the worry of ensuring your legal obligations are met.

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