Switched On Lighting and Electrical has been providing Electrical and Lighting services to commercial properties for almost 20 years – Previously known as Switched On Lighting we decided to extend the name to include ‘Electrical’ in order to better describe the work we do.
Commercial Properties

Chemists are typically very bright and require the best possible lighting. This is a recent retrofit that achieved an increase in lighting at the same time as reducing their electricity bill


Lighting_Retrofit_After 2


Our Electricians are equipped to handle a lot of different issues …..


Emergency Exit Lighting

Is your emergency lighting up to standards?


This fitting almost started a fire

Lighting Maintenance should be a priority not just for aesthetics. Staff smelled burning and smoke started pouring out of the ceiling.  Very scary for staff and customers alike.

SwitchedOnLightingandElectrical_Burnt_capacitor 1


Shopfront Signs need fixing too

A bright sign makes all the difference when you’re competing with so many other shops in a big venue. Signs need to be repaired outside trading hours  to ensure  safety.